10/22 Trimag Magazine Connectors – A Must Have


I enjoy shooting my Ruger 10/22 as often as possible, and I’m always looking for more opportunities to take it out of it’s case.  I’m fortunate that there are many places to shoot near where I live, and one of the ranges near me holds a Pistol Caliber rifle/Shotgun once a month.  I’ve shot this match several times with my trusty 10/22, but I’ve never been able to be really competitive because of the 10 round limitation of my magazines.  I’ve tried aftermarket 25 round magazines, but I’ve had several issues with them not feeding properly, so I always end up going back to the stock Ruger magazines.

10-22 ruger trimag magazine connector imageOne of the kind gentleman I shoot with regularly told me about the Trimag magazine connectors that work with stock Ruger 10/22 magazines,  and told me it could solve my problems.  It’s an inexpensive gadget that joins three Ruger 10/22 factory magazines together, and it boasts “lightning-fast reloads, easier handling and improved grip”. It’s a simple device that you slip three magazines in, and it clamps the magazines together.  A coin is all that is needed to tighten up the trimag connector.

I’ve taken my trimag connector out to the range several times now, and I can easily say that it’s one of the best fifteen dollars I’ve ever spent.  My reloads are much faster, and I have not had a single issue with fit or feeding.  I would recommend this product not only to those shooting their 10/22’s in any type of competition, but for anyone looking to spend more time shooting and less time reloading.

Final note:  There are several manufacturers of the trimag 10-22 connector, and I ended up purchasing the Tactical Solutions version because I was able to find it at my local shooting and hunting supply store.  They can be difficult to find at a retail store, but there are plenty of places online to purchase them, including

You can also find a decent selection of Trimags on eBay. Clicking the links below will take you directly to eBay, where you can learn more or buy a Trimag connector:
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